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21st February 2016

Six of the most Bizarre Wikipedia Articles


"We all know that Wikipedia is one of the greatest resources on the web. The depth of detail is something that has to be admired, most of the time anyway"... Click for more

26th February 2015

Editors-for-hire on Wikipedia

The Financial Times

"On the eve of its stock market flotation, an (unnamed) American company approached Mark Bray...the directors felt could affect the share price: its Wikipedia page"... Click for more

4th February 2014

Improved Wikipedia Monitoring Service to Be Launched by Wizards of Wiki


As brand management becomes increasingly important to companies and individuals alike, so does the content on their Wikipedia page. As many know, Wikipedia pages rank highly on Google and other search engines, meaning they tend to be in prominent positions when someone searches for a company or individual... Click for more

13th January 2014

Wizards of Wiki rebranding completed in time for 2014


The website has had a major facelift, ready for ongoing development work planned throughout 2014. This website facelift came after the company announced plans to revise the website and make it more user friendly and completely rewrite the content... Click for more

6th September 2013

Wizards of Wiki to Launch Wikipedia Translation Service

SB Wire

In August 2013, the company announced it would be launching a translation service after taking on a number of additional writers. They are beginning their focus on French, Spanish and German articles aiming to provide this service to western companies and individuals who want their article listing in more than English... Click for more