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Our Wikipedia consultancy was created by the marketing company Jive Pepper and its founder Mark Bray. The services provided by Wizards of Wiki aim to improve the quality of current articles, while adding relevant new content for our clients. As a Wikipedia consultancy we don't just understand the part Wikipedia plays in web marketing, but also how it can harm and or benefit your brand image.

We started the service as part of Jive Pepper's portfolio of marketing services back in 2011. Due to the popularity and success of the service, it was extended to its own stand alone service and Wizards of Wiki was founded.

Every expert we use has been editing Wikipedia for years and their collective understanding and knowledge is exceptional. The knowledge held by the editors is varied, allowing us to take on almost any job related to Wikipedia. Not only does it give us the option to take on a variety of projects, but the pre-project analysis we carry out is clear and factual. This analysis is carried out to ensure that the project is right for Wikipedia, and also will give the client a detailed analysis of the subjects suitability.

Following Wikipedia's rule changes on paid editing, we focused primarily on providing Wikipedia consultancy. The reason for the move was the uncertainty surrounding the future of paid editing on Wikipedia. It was clear to us as a company and Mark Bray that companies would always be allowed to interact with Wikipedia in someway. By not editing Wikipedia directly, it allows the client to work on Wikipedia themselves, while receiving expert advice and revisions from us.

From 2014 onwards, the company grew to the size where we began to employ more consultants to cope with the expansion of the company. Today, clients can expect their projects to be worked on by a handful of different consultants, that have been selected from around the the world.

The company's success meant the company began to receive high profile media coverage, especially from early 2015 onwards. Please visit our Press & Media page if you want read more about Wizards of Wiki.

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