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All you need to know about writing a Wikipedia article for a company.

Creating a Wikipedia Company Page

Writing an article about your company on Wikipedia is possible but often difficult, as there are a number of rules and regulations you need to abide by. To avoid these problems we strongly recommend you use a paid editing service or paid consultancy service. Wikipedia doesn’t encourage editors to create articles they have a conflict of interest with. Therefore creating an article about your company for example would be frowned upon. However you can create an article about your company, and you can do so abiding by the Wikipedia rules and regulations.

The biggest issue most companies have to overcome is their marketing departments typically end up creating the Wikipedia article about their company. The issue with this is many marketing departments naturally promote what they are selling, meaning writing neutral articles isn't their strongpoint. By far the best way to avoid suffering Neutral Point of View problem is to have a third party create it. When writing about the company you work for, it is very easy to add content that is biased. Not only this, understanding the rules and relaying them to senior management can often be difficult. By using a paid creation service problems are less likely.

It is often difficult for someone managing a company to accurately judge and make a fair assessment if the company is notable enough to have an article on Wikipedia. Often companies that are established in an industry believe they should be on Wikipedia, but it is rarely that straightforward. Even if notability can be established, a company will then have to use valid referencing to prove the notability. If this cannot be done, the article would then suffer from an Original Research issue or even be deleted.

Original Research is a common problem with company pages on Wikipedia. When writing about a company you have a close connection with, it is easy to include content you know is factual, but are unable to prove through a valid reference. This leads to the article containing content that is factual, but isn’t supported by any evidence. This can easily be eradicated with our expert advice.

When creating an article about your company, conflict of interest is the biggest issue to overcome. Conflict of interests are a common occurrence on Wikipedia, whether it be politics, sport or business. Wikipedia is essentially a collection of opinions, as its difficult to find any source on the Internet that has zero bias. In order to keep Wikipedia as neutral, they therefore limit how those with strong conflicts interact with Wikipedia, especially when writing company pages.

The easiest way to create an article about your company is to outsource it. Creating an article about your company is a lengthy and time consuming task if you haven't dealt with Wikipedia before. Using a article creation service avoids the common problems associated with biography articles. If an individual at a company company tries to create an article about their employers and its substandard, Wikipedia will have a very harsh view on it. We therefore strongly recommend you at least consider paid editing. You can contact us for a quote or if you would like to ask our team questions, you can do so by using the link below.

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